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six sigma champion training

We Are the Champions…of Six Sigma

The role of Six Sigma Champion makes the undertaking of a project all the way to its completion much easier. The Six Sigma Champion helps guide the team through the entire process and act as an organizational cheerleader. Here are some of their responsibilities: Guide and advise...
six sigma champion

Six Sigma Champion Program at

It’s a fact that Six Sigma implementation is the first step to working smart towards success in your business. So, are you ready to get started with Six Sigma?  But wait…don’t you want to find out some details on what Six Sigma is all about? Of course you do, and here’s how!...
voice of customer

VOC and Great Customer Service is a Winning Combination

We’ve seen it time and time again; a new business opens up, and by the way everything appears, the quality of their product or service seems to be top notch. But after awhile, they go out of business. So what happened? VOC: One of the Greatest Six Sigma Tools Voice of the...
lean manufacturing principles

5 Principles of Lean Manufacturing

The principles of lean manufacturing have been benefiting many businesses for years now. From reducing waste to detecting errors on the factory floor, these main principles of guide the business practices of many of today’s major organizations, such as Nike, John Deere, and...