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Minitab Training


The world of Six Sigma relies on statistics and hard data to provide process improvement. Utilizing a series of tools, strategies, and data formats, trained Six Sigma professionals are able to identify problems within a process, determine how each problem can be rectified, implement the necessary changes, and then monitor the situation. However, they don’t do this all in their heads–it is a specific methodology. Six Sigma professionals require specialized tools, such as our Minitab Essentials Training. If you are still wondering “What is Minitab?“, this training will help you understand this statistical software package. If you have questions about Six Sigma using Minitab, this course will provide you with a general understanding, but you can learn more by purchasing the Six Sigma book.

Every industry has software specific to it. Graphic designers use Adobe software products, administrators and office personnel use Excel or Word, and Six Sigma professionals use Minitab. It’s an essential tool in process improvement, making it essential to any Six Sigma program. This is why we say don’t learn statistics take Minitab Essentials Training or our Six Sigma Green Belt instead.

Minitab Essentials Online Training and Certification

Our online, on-demand Minitab Essentials training program is designed for anyone interested in creating meaningful charts and graphs to perform the basic data analysis that is required for Six Sigma. This course does not have any prerequisites. It is a great option for individuals who are already Six Sigma certified but do not know how to use Minitab or anyone interested in learning how to best utilize the Minitab software should take this course.

After completing the five modules, the student may work on a Certification by completing assigned activities designed to demonstrate their newfound knowledge.

This program is available for private delivery at your location. Please reach out to us for a personalized quote.

What Is Included

  • On-demand, 24/7 access for 90 days access from the enrollment date
  • 90 days of access to the training manual in electronic format
  • Data and templates
  • Online quizzes
  • Upon completion of the training you will receive:
    • Certificate of Minitab Training Completion
    • 0.5 CEUs from IACET and 5 PDUs from PMI

Course Add-on Options

  • A spiral-bound print copy of the slides used during the presentation can be purchased and shipped anywhere in the US for $55
  • Project Certification may be purchased for an additional $150. This includes two hours of remote project mentoring from a Master Black Belt, project review for proper application of concepts, and certification.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the training, students will have the following skills and knowledge.

Online Course Syllabus

  1. Minitab Basics
  2. Inputting Data
  3. Worksheet Manipulation
  4. Creating Graphs
  5. Basic Data Analysis

1. Minitab Basics

This lesson will demonstrate some basic actions and tools required to effectively use Minitab:

  • Opening / Saving Projects
  • Opening / Saving Worksheets
  • Opening / Saving Graphs
  • Saving Session Window Output
  • Report Pad
  • Calculator
  • Toolbars
  • Help Topics

2. Inputting Data

This lesson will demonstrate how to input and manipulate data into a Minitab Worksheet. Techniques include:

  • Copy / Paste from other programs
  • Typing in Data
  • Using Patterned Data
  • Opening Other Formats
  • Changing Data Types
  • Code Data
  • Sort Data
  • Date/Time Formats

3. Worksheet Manipulation

This lesson will demonstrate how to manipulate worksheets in Minitab including:

  • Rearranging Columns
  • Stack / Unstack Columns
  • Transpose Columns
  • Split Worksheet
  • Subset Worksheet
  • Stack / Merge Worksheets
  • Set Descriptions for Columns and Worksheets
  • Conditional Formatting

4. Creating Graphs

This lesson will demonstrate how to Create, Edit, and Annotate the following Graphs:

  • Individual Value Plot
  • Dot Plot
  • Histogram
  • Box Plot
  • Interval Plot
  • Line Plot
  • Time Series Plot
  • Scatter Plot
  • Bar Chart

5. Basic Data Analysis

This module will demonstrate many Data Analysis functions within Minitab including:

  • Tests on Proportions
  • Tables / Chi-Square
  • 2-Sample t-Test
  • Paired t-Test
  • Variance Tests
  • Correlation
  • Simple Linear Regression
  • Sample Size

Online Program Requirements

  • A computer with online access to the internet with a browser
  • Desktop:
  • Web browser:
    • Apple Safari: Latest stable version
    • Google Chrome: Latest stable version
    • Mozilla Firefox: Latest stable version
    • Microsoft Edge: Latest stable version
  • JavaScript and cookies enabled
  • Mobile devices:
    • Apple iOS devices using Safari mobile web browser
    • Android devices using Google Chrome mobile web browser
  • Display Settings of at least 1024 x 768 Screen Size
  • Secure PDF Viewer from LockLizard (provided free)
  • Access to Microsoft Office productivity software or equivalent
  • You are not to provide your login information to other users. Your online account is for your personal use
  • Please note there are no refunds once the program has been started or seven days after purchase

Ready to get started? Contact us now for enrollment information. We also sell Minitab Softwares to interested parties: email us for more information.

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