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6Sigma.com Customer Reviews — Six Sigma Training & Certification

Matt Stieg

It gave me the tools to effectively implement changes in the inefficiencies identified around the office and in our procedures.

Erin Cooper

I liked being able to ask questions about how concepts related to challenges I face in my role to make sure I understood everything as it was being taught

Kyle Schaeffer

I liked that the instructor was energetic and tried to get everyone to participate. There was a lot of good information in this training course that will greatly help me complete lean projects at my workplace. It is nice to have the paper copy of the class as well to look back on as I begin to work on projects.

Kelly Smith

This class made it easy to understand how to get started using Lean principles at work right away. David Leiva was a fantastic instructor!

Herman Ortiz

-How to identify and remove waste from process.

Asia Buckley

The lean concept in general, I believe this type of think should be encouraged for everyone

David Zesati

You can tell the instructor brion was very passionate about his job. How much you can tell he enjoys speaking about lean sigma six made it enjoyable to all of us.

Diane Walters

The material covered was applicable to my every day job. Real stuff I can use.

Bobby Lee

being able to get a generic framework from problem solving.

Jose Lema

All the theory provided was really clear and useful to be applied on a daily basis.

Shahab Khoee

Thank you, I have learned a new concept that can be applied to work and my personal life. Great job Global Knowledge team

Jeff Addison

Presenter was clear and organized. he was able to illustrate with relevant examples without straying too far off course

Baishakhi Bhattacharjee

The material covered was very relevant and pertained to our daily processes. The instructor also did an excellent job of helping us to relate the materials to our experiences.

Chanthoeun Soeum

The videos and our group discussions.

Alishia Sylvester

David helped by explaining clearly and was patient as we worked to understand. I really liked that and being able to work through each section with practice vice learning then applying.

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