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6Sigma.com Customer Reviews — Six Sigma Training & Certification

Alyce Cozine

David was a fantastic instructor. He was able to answer all questions and he gave many examples to reinforce the Lean concepts. David incorporated games into the course which made it fun too.

Rebecca Davis

I really enjoyed it! I wish we could have taken it in person for my personal learning style but overall really enjoyed the course.

Jillian Compton

Very practical, and Greg really related the course material specific to my organization

Robyn Whalen

The involvement, engagement, customization to meet my specific objectives... thank you.... amazing and wonderful learning program...

Jeff Foreman

Practicing with the team and implementing Lean Six Sigma

Kevin McClure

How I can apply Lean not only to work but my personal life as well.

Randy Magnusson

Presentation we very good. I liked the fact the instructor was able to break us off into 2 workgroups inside of Zoom.

Farhad Tajali

Marc did an outstanding job with this course! He kept all of us engaged and I really took a lot back with me to be more efficient at my job and create change within my environment!

Tsahai General

I liked the various activities we participated in, in order to demonstrate or apply the course material to our every day work-lives.

Brian Roll

The instructor was great - he did a really good job of helping make the course material relatable to our business and workflows.

Delisa Hamilton

The instructor was awesome, knowledgeable and provided us with real life scenarios to convey the information to us

Ulises Ossio

Being able to use sticky notes on our mapping made it a lot easier to understand where we have room to improve

Heather Muehr

It was great to learn how to eliminate unnecessary steps and downtime in our processes. I hope to start some easy projects in the near future.

Ruby A. Ockletree

Donna was very pleasant and welcoming participation. The course was excellent.

Deborah Chappa-Luna

The fact that my team was able to work through one of our processes and left the training with something to propose to our Champion.

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