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Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification Fundamentals

Lean is four levels of a systematic approach to reduce/eliminate activities that don’t add value to the process. It highlights removing wasteful steps in a process and focuses on value-adding steps. The Lean method ensures high quality and customer satisfaction.

It helps in:

  • reducing process cycle time
  • improving product or service delivery time
  • reducing or eliminating the chance of defect generation
  • reducing the inventory levels and
  • optimizing resources for key improvements among others

It is a never-ending approach to waste removal, thus promoting a continuous chain of improvements. 6Sigma.com has established an integrated method for supporting both Lean and Six Sigma implementations through different professional and governmental practices. We have established an instruction and services approach, which uses the tools and methods of Six Sigma in Lean classes and Lean deployment platforms. These platforms rapidly initiate outcomes and lasting sustainability using measurable techniques.

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Lean Methodologies

Lean methods have been proven since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Business leaders have been focused on driving performance and response to meet customer expectations while reducing costs. The methodologies include:

  • 5S Programs
  • Theory of Constraints
  • The 7 Wastes
  • Toyota Production Systems, (TPS)
  • Demand Flow
  • Just in Time
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Transactional Mapping
  • TQC
  • Re-engineering

Lean Journey

Lean Introduction

This training introduces individuals to the basics of Lean in general and presents them as complementary, additive methodologies that focus on both waste and variation reduction. Value stream mapping, elimination of waste, 5S’s, and DMAIC project cycle are presented conceptually and are the cornerstone tools to learn this course.

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Lean Fundamentals

This training facilitates individuals and enterprises to identify and eliminate wastes and achieve continuous improvement across business verticals. By attending this Lean training, you will be recognized as a Lean Agent and gain a proper understanding of identifying 8 wastes and more!

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Lean Master

This training is the final step in the Lean Training Program. Once done, individuals will be in a position to guide Lean Agents. Additionally, they will possess the necessary skills to utilize Lean methodologies and figures to decrease expenses, reduce cycle times, increase volume, and improve production in Service, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, and Operations.

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What to expect from the Lean Course?

  • Focus on Customer, their expectations, and what they perceive as value.
  • A passion for Continuous Improvement in the elimination of waste.
  • Identification of where an organization adds value and the identification of non-value activities to enable the successful implementation of the future state vision.
  • Creating the ability for products or activities, (transactions) to flow through a process map in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • Establishing disciplines to link Customer Demand directly to processes, transactions, resources, or material.

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