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Lean Six Sigma Is One Happy Family

If Lean Six Sigma were to have DNA testing done to determine its genetics, the one gene that would be found in every single member of the Lean Six Sigma genetic pool would be the DMAIC gene. This would include A3 Process of Problem Solving, PDCA. In fact, even  adopted into the...

Continuous Education Equals Continuous Improvement, or Kaizen!

Let’s review the word Kaizen. In Japanese, “kai” means change and “zen” means good. Used in the Toyota Production System, it is a Japanese business philosophy which means continuous improvements should be part of the business culture to be successful. Small incremental continuous...
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Kaizen’s Most Powerful Tool Is Simple to Implement

So let’s review exactly what Kaizen is. Kaizen is the Japanese word for improvement. When referring to business, Kaizen means continuous improvement, thus activities done within a business that involve small continuous improvements for maximum results. Kaizen was brought into the... kaizen business success

The Inclusiveness of Kaizen is the Secret Sauce to Business Success

Imagine what the world would be like if everyone used Kaizen as part of their daily routine. That means absolutely everyone would practice continuous improvement every single day.The concept was originally created by W. Edward Deming, and put it into practice while working with...