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Taking Care of Business, Six Sigma Style

If you observe success in a business that produces a product or service and dig deep into their processes and overall mindset, one can usually find the tools of Six Sigma, Lean, and Kaizen in use. It does not matter what the methodology is called; the basic core that is running the show is one of the above three, or all of them!

six sigma style kaizen

What is Six Sigma?

It is a data-driven quality management methodology focused on the improvements of business processes.

The Goals of Six Sigma

  • Eliminate waste
  • Reduce cost
  • Increase customer satisfaction

The Never-Ending Goals of Kaizen

Kaizen is a philosophy of making continuous small improvements so that the business or company stays at the top of their performance. Kaizen has become part of the Six Sigma family, but it is actually a Japanese work philosophy. Think of Kaizen as an overall way of life through constant small improvements in the business or company, as opposed to Six Sigma, where the improvement goal is specific.

In the Kaizen philosophy, nothing is perfect and there is always room for improvement. It could be thought of as a tool of prevention. Fix the problem now while it is small and don’t wait until it manifests into a larger issue that could kill business.

Operating a business is a commitment, very much like raising children or owning pets. You always want to make sure there aren’t any signs of illness or pain that could lead to something serious. If there is a problem noted, you need to know how to solve it. If expert help is needed, a certified Six Sigma Black Belt is as close as your family doctor. If you don’t have access to Six Sigma resources and you’re interested in seeking Six Sigma Black Belt training for your organization, be sure to check out our list of classes. For more information on our training courses or services, please visit


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