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Dubai, UAE Lean 6 Sigma Class Training

Six Sigma Training Dubai

Six Sigma Training Dubai

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Six Sigma Online Training

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Six Sigma Group Certification

Six Sigma Group Training

Course Offerings

Global offers Lean 6 Sigma Class Training and Certification courses in: White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt.

Global 6 sigma also offers Certification and Training courses in Dubai, UAE: Lean Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma, Green Process Management and Minitab.

The unemployment rate of UAE has been among the lowest in the world for many years and even when the ratio fluctuates, areas like Dubai continue to be one of the most attractive job markets of the world.

With the massive amounts of people that migrate to the area in search of better jobs and a brighter future, the country has, on numerous occasions, implemented laws to reduce the scores of individuals and put a limit on the number of migrations each year.

Dubai, specifically, is a booming job market and has been for quite some time. Many industry sectors operate within the vicinity of the entrepreneurial city and amount for a massive number of job openings for candidates from all over the world.

Candidates and their resumes flood in from around the globe and the organizations filter the piles with their stringent screening processes to find exceptionally professional individuals that are deemed right for the job. Many companies even conduct interviews online and hire individuals from overseas, who then migrate to the city and join the organization as an employee.

The employment rate has remained as low as 4.20% throughout last year and is expected to be thwarted from rising even by more by the end of 2015. Most companies that operate within the vicinity of Dubai implement workplace methodologies to make their business processes more risk-free and efficient, and possibly the most implemented doctrine – Lean 6 Sigma Class Training – is practiced by employers and employees alike. What most job seekers fail to understand though is how many benefits one stands to avail from a Lean 6 Sigma class Training in Dubai and how good it makes them look on their resumé.

Finding a Job in Dubai, UAE with a Lean 6 Sigma Class Training

Officially, the unemployment rate of the Emirates stands at a flat 0%, but there are many people who do not have jobs in Dubai and are subtracted from the equation. Among many foreigners that have settled in Dubai, there is not even a single person that is unemployed, which just goes to show how many opportunities does the place offer for qualified candidates to find a suitable job.

Finding a job in UAE is far easier than trying to get hired in a company elsewhere, but this does not mean that your qualifications will be overestimated and a lean 6 sigma class training program that is being widely implemented by the organization can help a candidate land a better paying job at a higher position. Thus, getting a lean 6 sigma class training Dubai can help you climb the corporate ladder or landing a good paying job better.

The Lean 6 Sigma Class Training Methodology

The Lean 6 Sigma Class training Doctrine is a methodology that has been carefully based on statistical figures and analysis instead of mere guesswork in order to improve processes with problems that may be unknown. The Lean 6 sigma class training Dubai program offers five levels of expertise which each entail a set of skills and techniques to be learned by the candidate.

A candidate can choose from White, Yellow, Green, Black and Master Black belts where White is the most basic form of training, and Master Black is the most advanced. The training helps individuals understand business processes better and learn ways of dealing with them in a more efficient manner.

A lean 6 Sigma certified employee is a valuable asset for the organization that hires them and both the employee and employers can benefit from their relationship mutually.

Lean Six Sigma Dubai Training Location

Residence Inn Houston Clear Lake

Standard Chartered Tower

Level 5, Emaar Square

Downtown Burj Khalifa, Dubai

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An environmentally sustainable tall office building is the ultra modern Grade-A home of the Standard Chartered Tower office space in downtown Dubai. The 18-storey ‘green' tower is situated in one of the most sought-after parts of cosmopolitan Dubai, below the Burj Khalifa, the world's highest skyscraper, and is one of the first buildings to be LEED certified in the area. It's also next to the famous Dubai Mall and includes retail outlets over multiple floors.

It is likewise located adjacent to Emaar Square in Dubai's business and financial heart and includes impressive water features, landscaped areas and green space. Dubai is a powerful global commercial centre that's attracted many well-known international corporations and groups from a number of diverse sectors, but mostly financial, professional services and the growing hospitality industry. Dubai is a popular base for companies doing business in the Arabian Gulf region's fast-growing markets.