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Lean 6 Sigma Certification San Francisco for the City’s Large Banking and Financial Community

Six Sigma Certification San Francisco

Six Sigma Certification San Francisco

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Six Sigma Online Certification

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Six Sigma Group Certification

Six Sigma Group Certification

Course Offerings offers Lean 6 Sigma Certification and Training courses in: White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt.

Global Six Sigma also offers Certification and Training courses in San Francisco, California: Lean Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma, Green Process Management and Minitab.

While San Francisco is very well recognized for its tourism and tech sectors, it is also true that the banking and financial sector in the city is almost just as big. For starters, one of the “Big Four banks” of the country, Wells Fargo, is located in San Francisco. Then if we look at the history of Bank of America, another of the “Big Four banks”, it was in fact established in San Francisco as Bank of Italy and only much later did it evolve into its present form to be headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Further, when we look at the sectors which dominate San Francisco’s economy, such as tourism and tech, where would they be without proper banking and financial services?

After all, given San Francisco’s size and scale, especially with regard to the relatively large population situated within a somewhat smaller area, giving the city a density of population in the country which is second only to New York City, efficient and effective banking and financial services prove critical.

Value of Lean 6 Sigma Certification in San Francisco

Now, in the absence of suitable lean 6 sigma certification San Francisco, this kind of efficiency or effectiveness is much harder to achieve. Yet as a corollary, one can safely assert that armed with lean 6 sigma certification San Francisco, it becomes a whole lot easier to serve with panache, any of the numerous financial services that residents or visitors to the city seek!

If we look at our own clientele in the city, you will find that the City & County of San Francisco in itself forms one of foremost clients in the area. This is especially significant because the city government is by far the biggest employer in the city, employing more than 26,000 personnel that make up in excess of 6% of the entire population of San Francisco.

Clearly, the city government sees immense value from lean 6 sigma certification San Francisco and that is the reason more and more of the folks employed by it have been taken through rigorous sessions of 6 sigma certification San Francisco.

Within this lean six sigma training received by government employees of the City & County of San Francisco, financial prudency no doubt plays a major part, either directly or indirectly. That is because a lot of the work done by these employees pertains to managing the city’s finances well; nobody wants to see a Detroit happening in case of other cities in the country as well, especially not San Francisco and therefore every effort is made to ensure that employees cutting across sectors contribute towards the financial health of the city.

Another pertinent point is that small businesses, with as little as 10 (or even less) employees, predominate San Francisco’s business landscape, with estimates suggesting that 85% of the city’s establishments are of this nature.

Again, for them, lean 6 sigma certification San Francisco in the context of their financial health proves absolutely crucial. In this instance too, we can offer an example from our clientele in the city – Diazes Inc., wholesale bakers and candy makers on the east side of San Francisco.