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Boost your Career with Lean 6 Sigma and DFSS Certification Philadelphia

Six Sigma Certification Philadelphia

Six Sigma Certification Philadelphia

Individual Certification

Six Sigma Online Certification

Six Sigma Online Certification

Group Certification

  • Private certification at your Philadelphia office
  • Appropriate for groups of 5 or more students
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Six Sigma Group Certification

Six Sigma Group Certification

Course Offerings

Global offers Lean Six Sigma Certification and Training courses in: White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt.

Global sixsigma also offers Certification and Training courses in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Lean Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma, Green Process Management and Minitab.

Ever so often in our lives, we seem to find ourselves in a situation where our career is apparently just not getting anywhere…the same job, the same drudgery, day in and day out, without any real growth or increase in job satisfaction. Now, while the factors for such a state of affairs may vary considerably, fact remains that when it comes to most major corporations today, they tend to seek out qualifications such as lean 6 sigma & DFSS certification.

Therefore, if you are located in and around Philadelphia and are fervently looking (hoping?!) to give that much needed boost to your career, we would strongly suggest that you go in for six sigma certification Philadelphia.

How Does Lean Six Sigma & DFSS Certification Work?

It is basically a simplistic and straightforward process wherein you receive six sigma training Philadelphia. Once you complete this training and you have been tested as well as proven to be qualified and competent in requisite lean sixsigma & DFSS certification processes, you are formally certified about the same with lean 6sigma & DFSS certification Philadelphia.

In any case, when it comes to lean 6 sigma training, there are many levels at which things happen. At the most basic level, there is a White Belt where you just about get a cursory “feel” so to speak about lean 6 sigma processes.

As you gain a steady footing in lean sixsigma processes, there are other belts for which you can get training such as Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belt. Superseding the last mentioned Black Belt can mean you can even go on to be a Master Black Belt where you will clearly be established as being a real pro as far as lean 6 sigma processes are concerned.

Lean 6 Sigma & DFSS Certification Philadelphia in the Context of Organizations    

Now, while looking at the nuances of six sigma certification Philadelphia, we have to look at things from a holistic perspective of organizations and the way they assess individuals with lean 6sigma training as per the levels mentioned above.

By and large, the way things work is that the more basic the six sigma training, more cursory is the job position / job responsibility likely to be. And as a corollary, the more advanced the level of lean 6 sigma  & DFSS certification that one obtains, the higher up one can go as far as corporate echelons are concerned.

At the same time, note that when compared with a person who is not lean sixsigma trained and certified at all, anyone with any level of lean six sigma training & DFSS certification would have an edge. Therefore, when it comes to the choice between either not being lean sixsigma trained at all or being lean 6 sigma trained at least at some level, always make the latter choice.

Today, when it comes to large Philadelphia based corporations such as Aramark, Colonial Penn, and FMC Corporation, they all look towards lean 6 sigma & DFSS certification as an indispensable tool in their overall business processes. Likewise, we have ourselves had lean 6sigma clients in Philadelphia, such as Penn Jersey Paper Company, University of Pennsylvania, SBM, as well as The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, to only name a few.