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Embattling Crime with Lean SixSigma Certification Oakland

Six Sigma Certification Oakland

Six Sigma Certification Oakland

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Can crime be fought with lean sixsigma principles? That is the question we sought to obtain answers to, and as we discovered, the answer can indeed be in the affirmative.

How Lean Sixsigma Principles Fit Into Oakland?

Oakland, as you may well be aware, has a disproportionately high rate of crime among major cities in the US, with a rather dubious distinction in its case being the fact that it has consistently been rated one of the most dangerous cities in the US.

But where do lean sixsigma principles fit into this? As we look closely, a major problem in the case of Oakland is its relatively understaffed police force. Speaking statistically, Oakland had 616 police officers in the beginning of 2013 when the need was for nearly double that figure or about 1100 police officers at the bare minimum, as per the crime rate in the city.

Now, even if we look at this figure of required number of police officers in the city, we find that lean sixsigma principles played a part where based on statistical analysis and comparison with comparable cities (such as New Orleans which has a crime rate even higher than Oakland, and at the same time, has many more police officers per 10,000 residents than Oakland), an ideal number of these personnel was arrived at.

Further, lean sixsigma certification Oakland has also played a part with regard to identifying high crime areas in the city and then evaluating ways and means by which the same can either be curtailed or ideally done away with completely.

For instance, Oakland typically witnesses higher rates of crime in its African-American dominated neighborhoods of West and East Oakland. So can steps be taken to specifically look at the drivers behind crime in these areas? And what about gang wars; if they are playing a major part (which they factually are) in driving crime up, maybe that is something which police personnel need to look into?

These are questions whose answers are being eagerly sought and as we see time and time again, lean 6 sigma certification Oakland is playing a part in obtaining these answers. For instance, with the help of lean sixsigma training, law enforcement personnel in the city have been able to dramatically reduce the time it takes to get to places where crime has occurred.

Also, with the help of statistical analysis as learned through lean sixsigma certification Oakland, they have been able to deploy police personnel most judiciously, with high crime areas having more of these personnel whereby as and when any untoward incident takes place, they can get to the scene as quickly as possible.


Of course lean sixsigma principles cannot be a panacea to the high rate of crime witnessed in Oakland. There are many social issues which need to be addressed first. Between curative and preventive solutions, lean sixsigma principles offer more of curative ones. What is really required is a balance between the two, especially in terms of preventing crime from happening in the very first place, or at least minimizing it down to much lower levels than seen currently.

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