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Can Lean 6 Sigma Certification Memphis make a Difference to the City’s Pollution?

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When it comes to lean 6sigma green belt training and certification principles they can easily be applied across a wide variety of situations, with pollution control being no exception. In the case of Memphis, pollution is a particularly pertinent aspect, with the city having the rather dubious distinction of being rated among the top 10 listings for “America’s Dirtiest City” in both 2011 and 2012 by Travel + Leisure magazine. No doubt, the visibly littered streets of the city had a major role to play in Memphis being listed as such.

How does Lean 6 Sigma Green Belt Training And Certification Principles Fit into This?

Lean 6Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification principles fit into this by bringing about a certain way of discipline in the way litter is handled. It also plays an active part in bringing a CHANGE in the processes which lead to this pollution in the first place. For instance, trash may be handled wrongly than it should be, leading to litter being strewn around. Moreover, citizens of the city – as indeed visitors to it, may not be showcasing desired levels of civic sense which eventually leads to such drastic pollution levels in the first place.

One of the best ways to gauge the way lean 6 sigma green belt training and certification principles are making a difference to pollution control would be to look at our 3M case study where this very aspect has been highlighted very well, looking into the ways in which 3M was able to curtail pollution created by its operations in a very big way.

When a company as large as 3M could implement lean 6 sigma green belt training and certification principles towards pollution control, surely lean sixsigma green belt training and certification Memphis can make such a difference to the rather alarming pollution levels of the city?

Lean Sixsigma Green Belt Training and Certification in Memphis, Tennessee

Thankfully, we are seeing a positive change on this front in so many different ways whereby more and more administrative staff in the city government is eagerly looking forward to being trained in six sigma certification Memphis. That way, they can learn the nuances of better all-round administration in the city, including but not only limited to pollution control.

After all, problems like crime also plague the city in a big way, with Memphis being consistently rated among the more dangerous major cities in the country, although in recent times, there is a marked downward trend on this front.

From the above mentioned 3M case study in the context of six sigma certification Memphis, one of the biggest takeaways by far would be the ability to quantify pollution control mechanisms. For instance:

  • Specifying the levels to which Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) in the city are to be brought down to.
  • Qualifying the tasks that are to be undertaken for pollution control in the city, while also designating the roles and responsibilities for doing so among concerned folks.
  • Brain storming about the action points to be taken for pollution control and how the same are to be achieved, along with specific time frames for achieving the same.

No doubt, lean six sigma green belt training and certification Memphis can make (and in some ways is already making) a world of difference as far as dramatically reducing pollution levels in the city, a trend which is likely to continue going into the future.

Breathtaking window views of Memphis are available from the 27th floor of this center in the 34-story Clark Tower, the most recognized building in the city and the largest commercial office block. It was developed by William B Clark Sr who saw the potential for commercial growth in East Memphis.

The center offers Class A workspace, including a 14-person boardroom. There are restaurants in the building and other amenities. Law and financial services companies figure highly in the area, which has many small to medium sized businesses. Many are on or near the center's location on Poplar Avenue and there's a further commercial development near the many hotels.