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Intolerance for Statistical Deviations comes easy with Lean 6 Sigma Certification Honolulu

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Six Sigma Certification Honolulu

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In everyday life, we often overrule small deviations from the norm, even if they happen to be seemingly negative ones. For instance, if the newspaper delivery boy fails to deliver the newspaper one day, simply because he “forgot” to do so, we would quite likely decide to ignore this deviation from the norm as a “happenstance”. This is in spite of the “hardship” caused to daily newspaper readers who simply cannot get their routine day going the same way, sans the morning regimen of the paper.

Now, with lean 6 sigma certification Honolulu, there is a change in attitude on this front in a big way to the extent that statistical deviations from the norm are no longer acceptable. After all, if you look at lean 6 sigma principles, they advocate a near error-free state of existence where there are very nearly ZERO defects. Under such circumstances, how can we afford to ignore even one small deviation from the norm?

Is this attitude good?

Now, normative debates and discussions around this topic can of course go either way since it is really tough to take a strict stance on only one side. Points to consider would be the fact that we are all humans and therefore prone to make mistakes. But what about machines; in their cases even a single deviation from the norm is not acceptable, right?

Take the extreme instances of airplanes; even a small but significant deviation from the norm could have potentially dangerous, even deadly consequences. Therefore at least in the context of machines, there is simply no leeway whatsoever with regard to statistical deviations from the norm.

Unfortunately, among lay persons, there are many who take a rather liberal stance even in the case of machines. They feel that like humans, machines too are prone to errors. But as lean 6 sigma principles would tell you, even the smallest of such deviations are in fact avoidable.

Essentially, once you are armed with lean 6 sigma certification Honolulu, you approach matters with a preemptive bent of mind. So besides intolerance for statistical deviation, you also have an attitude where you know where deviations could possibly occur and then corrective action to the extent that you ultimately never let those deviations take place at all!


As far as whether or not this attitude of intolerance is “good” or “bad”, the debate will probably go on for some time but the broad truth remains that there are some deviations which are simply not acceptable, no matter how rare they may be. Therefore any debate that attempts to take sides must look at the repercussions arising out of such departures from the norm.

When it comes to lean 6 sigma certification Honolulu, by and large it tells us that one needs to have as little tolerance for deviations from the norm as possible. In other words, when it comes to processes, they are best undertaken with consistency which is undoubtedly the key takeaway as far as six sigma certification Honolulu is concerned.

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