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What Does Poka-Yoke Mean?

22 Apr 2021
Have you heard the term Poka-Yoke and are wondering what it means? It’s quite simple. Poka-Yoke refers to ‘mistake proofing’ or “inadvertent error prevention”.  It’s a Lean manufacturing mechanism designed to prevent mistakes from causing defects to products, services...

How DMAIC Helps Hospitals Improve Patient Care

08 Feb 2021
Six Sigma has benefits that make it an essential process improvement methodology no matter the industry. However, the origins and popularity of Six Sigma are in the manufacturing industry. For instance, it has seen tremendous success in adding value to production processes,...
health insurance industry

Does Six Sigma Apply to the Health Insurance Industry?

17 Nov 2020
Six Sigma is a manufacturing methodology aimed at improving processes and reducing the occurrence of defects in products. However, defects are not just found in products, but in services as well. So if you’re wondering if Six Sigma can apply to something like the health insurance...
ingredients six sigma success

The Secret Ingredient for Six Sigma Success

27 Apr 2020
In Six Sigma, you learn the DMAIC methodology, which stands for Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control. This is the main template, and within that you have Six Sigma tools. These are the simple basic tools which will help you gain great insights and improve your business...