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Use DMAIC to Measure How Morale Affects Production

You’ve heard the saying, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” Six Sigma’s core belief is that every team member (employee) is uniquely responsible for the success of the company.  Every team member should be acknowledged for a job well done; this alone lifts morale and creates...
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If It’s Clear and Concise, Then Six Sigma DMAIC Is Involved

Imagine you’re at work. Your place of employment doesn’t subscribe to the methodologies of Six Sigma, but you need to communicate a possible solution to a problem. If you aren’t senior management or in an advisory position, you will need to be concise and make your point clear...
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The Perfect Six Sigma Team is 99.997% Defect Free

What’s one of the secrets to building a great Six Sigma culture in the workplace? It is human resources (HR)! Remember, any business that isn’t perfect has room for improvement. Most businesses have a lot of turnover, so increasing manpower is extremely important.  4 Ways Human... blog roundup Roundup: Top Posts of 2018

Here at we’re always about learning and improving. After all, we practice the principles of Six Sigma on a daily basis! With that said, we thought we would take a look back at our most popular blog posts for 2018. Whether you’re a first time student just...