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The Secret Ingredient for Six Sigma Success

In Six Sigma, you learn the DMAIC methodology, which stands for Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control. This is the main template, and within that you have Six Sigma tools. These are the simple basic tools which will help you gain great insights and improve your business processes, so that you will automatically cut down on production costs and improve quality by running more efficiently and effectively.

ingredients six sigma success

In order for anything you attempt to work, there is a secret ingredient you must have and that is faith. Since this is Six Sigma and it is data-driven, maybe a better word is trust. Just look at the data provided by such companies such as Toyota, General Electric (GE), Amazon…the list goes on.

The online dictionary has the definition of faith as “belief that is not based on proof.” Well Six Sigma has proof, and this goes back in time. GE is living proof. They train all of their employees in Six Sigma — everyone is included, not just management. It is a complete collaboration, with mentoring included. 

Jack Welch knew in his gut this was going to be great. He had belief and trust in the Six Sigma system. Yes, there was proof in the system before Jack Welch, but only to those who were involved and chose to see it.

The belief you carry inside is the key to success in anything, including Six Sigma. What makes Six Sigma so special is that unlike anything else, Six Sigma has data to back it up, lots and lots of data. There is enough evidence and proof that Six Sigma works to keep the naysayers quiet; unfortunately to keep the yin and yang in our world they must exist. But for those who believe in what Jack Welch did, we say, “Success up and up” to you!

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