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Global Six Sigma LP Founder Peter Peterka Featured on

How can service companies improve the customer experience in 2019? Peter Peterka, founder and CEO of Global Six Sigma LP, was recently interviewed on this topic for Vonigo, a business management software that helps service companies streamline their operations and run their...
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The 5 Ultimate Principles of Six Sigma Success

Let’s look at the foundation or fundamental truth of why we would subscribe to the chain of reasoning of Six Sigma. To do this, we must know the principles of which Six Sigma success is based on.  These Six Sigma principles can also be used as what we promise to do on our behalf...
Have you ever wondered how Amazon became one of the largest online retailers in the world? Lean how with these Six Sigma methods.

Six Sigma Case Study:

Small businesses and multinational corporations all over the world use Six Sigma to turn their failing processes around. Companies like 3M and General Electric. In fact, one of the world’s largest and most successful e-commerce companies uses Six Sigma to great effect. A...