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The 5 Ultimate Principles of Six Sigma Success

Let’s look at the foundation or fundamental truth of why we would subscribe to the chain of reasoning of Six Sigma. To do this, we must know the principles of which Six Sigma success is based on. 

These Six Sigma principles can also be used as what we promise to do on our behalf to increase the likelihood of success in our business or company.

principles six sigma success

The 5 Six Sigma Principles

1. Customer Focus: This means customer satisfaction. Since the quality of the product or service is directly in line with your customers, they are the direct gage with the degree of quality you provide. Get their feedback on what is important to them and provide their requirements in your product or service. Happy and satisfied customers means a long future for your business.

2. Identify Root Causes: If something isn’t right, you need to find out why, and that entails understanding how a process is to meet your goals. The process for this is as follows:

  • State the goals for data collection
  • Identify what specific data is needed
  • Make sure communication is clear by defining terms
  • Use Voice of Customer (VOC) — surveys, interviews, observations, as well as one-on-one customer interviews.
  • Once this data has been collected, it can be put through the Six Sigma tool, the 5 Whys line of questioning until the root cause of a variation is achieved
  • Use a Pareto chart, which is a bar graph that prioritizes which factors are more significant

3. Eliminate the Variation: Do this immediately 

4. Work as a United Front: Teamwork is imperative to the success of Six Sigma. This means everyone should be trained and have the knowledge of Six Sigma methods of operations. Teams should have members with a variety of knowledge and skills that is related to the process to help identify variations.

5. Adaptability: Create a culture that accepts change readily.

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