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Lean 6 Sigma Classroom Training

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The Lean Six Sigma training program in the classroom was first developed by Motorola, but now it has become the benchmark for all businesses. In fact, the popularity of Lean Six Sigma has resulted in a completely fresh market where individuals can boost their career prospects.

Benefits of Lean 6 Sigma Training in the Classroom

There are various benefits of Lean Six Sigma training in the classroom. To begin with, it trains employees in an organization to use resources efficiently. This will result in a fall in the cost of production, the time taken for manufacturing, and overall wastage of materials. When the workforce performs better, the clients will also show increased satisfaction with the business.

Secondly, Lean Six Sigma classroom training boosts the morale of your employees. They will approach their tasks with increased confidence as they will possess new skills after completing a Six Sigma course.

Thirdly, a company that provides in-house Lean 6 Sigma training in classroom to improve its human material will be preferred by applicants over those businesses that do not invest in their employees. Moreover, a company doesn’t necessarily have to market its training programs because the employees are likely to spread it by word of mouth.

In addition, one of the most important responsibilities of directors in a company is to satisfy all the stakeholders. With Six Sigma classroom training, costs will go down and profits will rise. This will increase the confidence of stakeholders who may want to re-invest the business.

Moreover, a company which has trained its workforce to utilize Lean Six Sigma methodology will also find it easier to deal with their partners. For instance, a supplier will be happy to work with a business that manages its stock levels in an optimum way.

Cost Savings on Lean 6 Sigma Classroom Training

Lean Six Sigma certification levels are divided into “belts”. The top level trainees receive the Six Sigma Black Belt and the Six Sigma Master Black Belt. Although companies will highly benefit from the skill levels of these individuals, it is suggested by experts that businesses should instead spend on training a sizable portion of its workforce in programs like Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Six Sigma Green Belt.

These workers may not be as skilled as Black Belts, but training Yellow and Green Belts costs much lower than the advanced programs. In addition, basic certification programs also take a shorter time to complete. Then a small number of employees could be trained at the higher levels to act as mentors in
the Lean 6 Sigma initiative.

This means that companies can realize the aforementioned benefits almost immediately if they provide basic Lean Six Sigma classroom training for the majority of employees and reserve the Black Belt and Master Black Belt courses for just a select few.

Duration of 6 Sigma Courses

There is no fixed time for Lean 6 Sigma classroom training, and duration largely depends on the level of certification. For instance, whereas a Yellow Belt can be trained and certified in 2 days, Black Belts may need to attend up to 4 weeks of training and complete a project before being certified.

Six Sigma Blended Training

This training method involves various delivery modes and learning activities such as online learning, classroom exercises, and hands-on training. Blended training for 6 Sigma is a cost-effective solution for businesses and individuals, one that not only provides effective results but also flexibility.

Moreover, one of the greatest benefits of blended training is that it includes regular meetings with coaches and mentors. The vastness of the curriculum means that trainees would be ready to tackle different types of projects and situations in their professional life.

Online 6 Sigma Training

Finally, the Internet also presents itself as an avenue for Lean 6 Sigma training. One benefit of going online is that you can easily find all the facts and details about various Lean Six Sigma programs without spending much time. It can be difficult to find a quality program with all of the choices, so be sure to ask questions and find out how recognized the program is. Although many people will say that a Lean Six Sigma classroom training or blended option is better, a quality online program is a cost-effective, flexible way to achieve Six Sigma certification.


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