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How Six Sigma Can Improve Your Customer Service

30 Mar 2021
Six Sigma is a methodology that has brought significant improvements to many companies in a variety of sectors. And it looks like we’re barely scratching the surface of what’s possible when Six Sigma is applied correctly. Customer service is an area that’s notoriously difficult...
7 wastes lean six sigma

Streamlining Work Processes: Reducing Waste in Your Organization

05 Feb 2018
Lean Six Sigma is an excellent way to eliminate waste and streamline work processes. You are in business because of your customers, and if what you are selling or servicing isn’t increasing the value of your product for your customer, it is considered waste or muda. The 7 Types...
Don’t fall behind in the market due to wasted time and lack of cost-effectiveness. Reclaim both for your company. Today, we look at some of the ways Six Sigma works in the real world for this very purpose.

Practicing Due Diligence: Reclaim Lost Time, Maximize Cost-Savings

22 Aug 2017
While it may be impossible to avoid getting ripped off by an illegitimate practitioner, there are ways to regain your time and money. Six Sigma can help you if you let it. Are you in the market for a promotion? Or do you just want to stand out to your boss? Either way, the...
Six Sigma is the driving force behind progress. Let it do the same for your company. Learn from Exxon Mobil’s example and discover the methods in use for its daily operations.

Six Sigma Case Study: Exxon Mobil

19 Aug 2017
Even oil supermajors need a little help from Six Sigma from time to time. In fact, without Six Sigma’s trusted process improvement methods, many of America’s largest oil companies would never have achieved such success. Today, we look at Exxon Mobil, multinational oil and gas...