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six sigma in finance

Benefits of Six Sigma in Finance

24 May 2021
Defects occur in every industry, including the finance industry. And Six Sigma is about reducing defects to 3.4 for every million opportunities. That may seem ambitious, but Six Sigma makes it possible. And for an organization’s finance department, where the margin for error...
six sigma implementation

How Six Sigma Implementation is Playing a Vital Role in the Healthcare Industry

06 May 2021
Six Sigma helps organizations in all industries reduce variation (any result the customer does not expect). In a healthcare setting, patients are the customer, and to reduce variation in their eyes, healthcare providers need to deliver quality care. This can be done by focusing...

What Does Poka-Yoke Mean?

22 Apr 2021
Have you heard the term Poka-Yoke and are wondering what it means? It’s quite simple. Poka-Yoke refers to ‘mistake proofing’ or “inadvertent error prevention”.  It’s a Lean manufacturing mechanism designed to prevent mistakes from causing defects to products, services...
agriculture industry

Six Sigma’s Impact on the Agriculture Industry

22 Mar 2021
The agriculture industry has been enjoying a lot of popularity in recent years. A lot of focus has fallen onto it from many sides, as world leaders are actively trying to address some of the issues looming on the horizon. At the same time, demands have been growing steadily. The...