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agriculture industry

Six Sigma’s Impact on the Agriculture Industry

22 Mar 2021
The agriculture industry has been enjoying a lot of popularity in recent years. A lot of focus has fallen onto it from many sides, as world leaders are actively trying to address some of the issues looming on the horizon. At the same time, demands have been growing steadily. The...
5 whys

Root Cause Analysis with the 5 Whys

01 Mar 2021
Sometimes, problems can be stubborn and refuse to completely disappear despite trying different things. They just keep coming back in one way or the other. It is at this point that it is important to understand that the reason the problem keeps happening, again and again, is...
White Belt

Why You Should Consider Becoming a Six Sigma White Belt

15 Feb 2021
There will be a point in time when you could use a change in your career. If you make the change, it could propel your career forward, whether you’re looking to get a promotion or a better job. However, current or potential employers are going to want to see proof that you are...

How DMAIC Helps Hospitals Improve Patient Care

08 Feb 2021
Six Sigma has benefits that make it an essential process improvement methodology no matter the industry. However, the origins and popularity of Six Sigma are in the manufacturing industry. For instance, it has seen tremendous success in adding value to production processes,...