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Lean Six Sigma Project management

Seamless Project Management with Lean Six Sigma

02 Jun 2021
In 2017, Global Project Management Survey Pulse reported that 12% of global organizations were categorized as under-performers. The list included organizations from a variety of industries, from the government to information technology to financial firms. The survey summarised...
project management mistakes

Avoid These 7 Project Management Mistakes at all Costs

05 Nov 2020
Project management is an essential part of any organization. Failure to do it right can be costly in so many ways. At best, the project will suffer some minor delays and at worst, the project can fail entirely. This is why project managers need to make sure they bring their...
In this article, we will look at the top 10 reasons you should sign up for a Six Sigma Green Belt training course.

Six Sigma Green Belt Syllabus Content

20 May 2017
The Green Belt is an integral player in Six Sigma hierarchy, who shares responsibilities with belts above and below. If you want to make a serious career of Six Sigma, Green Belt certification will provide you the means to do so. In karate, a green belt signifies the growth of a...
Today we look at how to reduce your customer complaints using Six Sigma wisdom. Don't let your customers down! Use Six Sigma instead!

How to Use Six Sigma to Reduce Customer Complaints

09 May 2017
Businesses deal with all sorts of concerns, such as scheduling, costs, resources, and customer satisfaction. That’s a lot of plates to spin, and if you don’t get it right, some are bound to slip. That’s where Six Sigma comes in. Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology with...