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Environmentally Friendly Six Sigma: Approach and Plan a Green Project

Organizations around the world use Six Sigma to improve production processes and increase efficiency. But Six Sigma’s usefulness is not limited to manufacturing. Six Sigma methodology is also useful for software development, call centers, and green project work. Now when we say green, we don’t mean Six Sigma Green Belt, we mean environmentally friendly. We’ve found as businesses become more technologically advanced and globally aware, they also become greener. These days, everything we do affects the planet in one way or another. It’s important for large companies with global interests to be aware of how their activities impact the wider world. Even smaller businesses with local interests should understand the importance of recycling and reducing carbon footprints. Today, we look at how to approach and plan green Six Sigma projects.

When is a Green Project Necessary?

If you pay attention to the way businesses operate, you’ll start to notice certain trends that appear. As more companies strive for improved production efficiency, the demand to reduce adverse environmental impact also increases. This correlation has always been there, buy it has become more relevant in the last few decades. As such, environmentalism and Six Sigma are by no means unrelated or mutually exclusive. Furthermore, a Six Sigma project is more likely to receive funding if it includes objectives towards environmental improvement. So, in other words, green projects are always necessary!

Planning a Green Project

Planning a green project uses the same core principles as a conventional project, with more focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness. As you know, project plans include a goal statement, a timeline for task completion, and an inventory of all resources required. Evaluation measures for studying the effectiveness of your proposal are also necessary. When it comes to green projects, your task is to incorporate green ideas into your plan. For example, are any tools or resources you intend to use environmentally friendly? Are they liable to affect your carbon footprint? Are materials sustainable? Your green project should zero in on these ideas at a core level and inform your activities going forward.

Benefits of a Green Project

Green projects and environmental work of all kinds are incredibly beneficial. But numerous benefits go together with green Six Sigma projects, including:

  • Expanded expertise/enhanced management strategies. The rate at which technology is increasing continues to encourage companies to introduce new management strategies. Environmental management means Six Sigma project leaders will be fully equipped to drive green projects to success. Moreover, these new plans will ultimately shape your Six Sigma work going forward, meaning more successful green projects.
  • Sustainability achieved. Achieving sustainability can prove to stakeholders and investors that you are a reliable force for Six Sigma. It’s also beneficial for the planet, meaning your Six Sigma work can proceed unencumbered by concerns about harming the environment.
  • Improves business’s bottom line. Six Sigma projects are useful for improving processes, as well as the firm’s bottom line. With green objectives mixed into its activities, your organization will enhance its standing in the global market. The way others view your company counts a lot, and green project work is a great way to improve this.
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