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5s event

What is a 5S Event?

28 Apr 2021
 Lean manufacturing relies on many tools, and the 5S is one that is widely used. Basically, it optimizes the work environment and lays the foundation for continuous improvement. A 5S event just follows the Ss in a step-by-step fashing, meaning the entire event can be completed...
root cause analysis

Follow These Steps to Conduct a Root Cause Analysis

19 Jan 2021
When coming up with a standardized approach to continuous process improvement, root cause analysis is a critical component. It seeks to identify the problem, its source and then fix it once and for all so it never pops up again. Ultimately, this improves the quality of the...
project management mistakes

Avoid These 7 Project Management Mistakes at all Costs

05 Nov 2020
Project management is an essential part of any organization. Failure to do it right can be costly in so many ways. At best, the project will suffer some minor delays and at worst, the project can fail entirely. This is why project managers need to make sure they bring their...
root cause analysis

The Importance of Root Cause Analysis During Incident Investigation

20 Oct 2020
It is highly unlikely that an organization, whether it is in manufacturing, hospitality, or health care, can run without incident. However, the way the incidents are handled is what can help the organization remain competitive and achieve its business goals. When an incident...