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Lean Six Sigma Project management

Seamless Project Management with Lean Six Sigma

02 Jun 2021
In 2017, Global Project Management Survey Pulse reported that 12% of global organizations were categorized as under-performers. The list included organizations from a variety of industries, from the government to information technology to financial firms. The survey summarised...
kaizen great customer service

Healing Your Business With Lean Six Sigma

12 Oct 2020
There will be times in the course of your career, whether or not you own a business or are in upper management, when the company will have to pivot. Sometimes pivoting means not just working differently, but smarter.  Working smarter means Lean Six Sigma! This is the perfect time...

Our Best Master Six Sigma Instructors Always Produce Great Results

06 Oct 2020
Our virtual classrooms and self-paced online classes are among the best in the world, because we are one of the first to take online courses extremely seriously and have had years to perfect it. Many institutions went online during the pandemic, but we were doing this way before...
root cause analysis

Root Cause Analysis Training Is the Mother of All Training

28 Sep 2020
Think about it — to have a training system that is a template for finding the cause of an issue or problem in any industry or any organization is simply genius. Root cause analysis training should be taught in all schools!  Mistakes or causes for mistakes is a universal...