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What Does Poka-Yoke Mean?

22 Apr 2021
Have you heard the term Poka-Yoke and are wondering what it means? It’s quite simple. Poka-Yoke refers to ‘mistake proofing’ or “inadvertent error prevention”.  It’s a Lean manufacturing mechanism designed to prevent mistakes from causing defects to products, services...

INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Key Principles of Lean Manufacturing

30 Jun 2020
Regardless of the industry, if you manufacture any products at all, these five key principles of Lean manufacturing are what you need to follow as though your life depended on it. Remember, you are manufacturing the product for your customer and they will spend their hard-earned...
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Learn Lean Six Sigma at Your Organization

13 Feb 2019
Imagine being taught Lean Six Sigma in your very own organization by a world-renowned Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. Our Lean Fundamentals training spans 4 days, with programs available in the United States and around the world. That means that it doesn’t matter where your...
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5 Principles of Lean Manufacturing

19 Feb 2018
The principles of lean manufacturing have been benefiting many businesses for years now. From reducing waste to detecting errors on the factory floor, these main principles of guide the business practices of many of today’s major organizations, such as Nike, John Deere, and...