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Continuous Education Equals Continuous Improvement, or Kaizen!

Let’s review the word Kaizen. In Japanese, “kai” means change and “zen” means good. Used in the Toyota Production System, it is a Japanese business philosophy which means continuous improvements should be part of the business culture to be successful. Small incremental continuous... kaizen business success

The Inclusiveness of Kaizen is the Secret Sauce to Business Success

Imagine what the world would be like if everyone used Kaizen as part of their daily routine. That means absolutely everyone would practice continuous improvement every single day.The concept was originally created by W. Edward Deming, and put it into practice while working with...
Don't let fraud get the better of you. Take our advice. Here are a few ways you can prepare yourself against fraudulent practitioners.

Deterring Fraud with Six Sigma Methodology

Are competitors trying to copy your organization? You never can tell when other businesses are leaching off your success. Until it’s too late, of course. Six Sigma’s non-existent governing body means fraudsters can act with relative impunity. What’s the solution to all this then?...
Don’t fall behind in the market due to wasted time and lack of cost-effectiveness. Reclaim both for your company. Today, we look at some of the ways Six Sigma works in the real world for this very purpose.

Practicing Due Diligence: Reclaim Lost Time, Maximize Cost-Savings

While it may be impossible to avoid getting ripped off by an illegitimate practitioner, there are ways to regain your time and money. Six Sigma can help you if you let it. Are you in the market for a promotion? Or do you just want to stand out to your boss? Either way, the...