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The Best Six Sigma Advice Is in Our 2020 Labor Day Roundup

The year of 2020 will go down in history as the year that the pandemic changed how business operated. Our economy as well as many small, medium, and large businesses were impacted. Knowing where there is a will there’s a way, so we prevailed and offered strong suggestions since we were given this extra time to reflect. labor day

In March we wrote about the power of knowledge and the steps you could take to come back stronger than before and better prepared. We discussed knowing what parts of your business to strengthen and making it a priority to do so. We also talked about apps that help keep the company communicating even though you’re not at the same location: Come Back Stronger With Six Sigma Knowledge

In April, we offered proven scientific information that challenging ourselves actually keeps us fine-tuned and learning new things is actually the way to exercise the parts of the brain that keeps producing new brain cells throughout our lifetime: Brain Cells, Hippocampus and…Six Sigma?

Then in July, we took a look at a lesser-known team member known as the Champions and why they are so important in a project. We even brought up our virtual classroom which is such a priceless resource where we offer community as well as information: Why Are Six Sigma Champions Important?

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