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Six Sigma: The Year For Learning Is 2020

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The Six Sigma fascination is a very real thing — you can apply Six Sigma to just about anything. Apply the appropriate information, and you are on your way to excellence! This year has been interesting to say the least — we have gone through some sobering experiences in many facets of daily living. With the stay at home orders in place, many chose to keep learning so when they got back to work, they would come back new and improved, filled with determination. To understand how things really work is a key principle of Six Sigma, and is what knowledge gives you. We picked five blog posts that best illustrate the need to keep learning and constant improvement of thyself, which we know as Kaizen. Take a moment and meditate on the themes of these posts. We feel the few minutes it takes is time well worth taking.


Brain Cells Hippocampus and Six Sigma

Brain Cells, Hippocampus and…Six Sigma?


Kaizen Is A Win-Win

Kaizen is a Win-Win –


The Story of Six Sigma: A Timeline

The Story of Six Sigma: A Timeline –


COVID-19 Update and Virtual Classroom Training

COVID-19 Update and Virtual Classroom Training –


The Secret Ingredient for Six Sigma Success

The Secret Ingredient for Six Sigma Success –


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