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Happy at Work Leads to Happy at Life

It is our natural instinct to keep learning throughout our lifetime. If an employee is bored in his or her job, it is because they feel they have mastered it and it isn’t a challenge, when in reality they may just not be paying attention. If they aren’t paying attention, great gifts of knowledge are passed by.

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As a business owner or manager, it is essential that motivation and inspiration be part of the work culture. Our workplace is made up of a variety of people in many age groups, but when it comes right down to it, everyone is assessed in the same way when it comes down to our work performance.

In other words, we all want to do a great job, and when we do our jobs right, it is great to have that positive reinforcement.

Ways to Motivate Staff

Establish a team environment by encouraging activities within the work week that lend themselves to team effort. Depending on the industry, it can be anything from a staff meeting that reports how time was utilized much better because work was done as a team, to interactive games among employees encouraging a team effort. It seems childish, but it can raise spirits high and lower employee turnover.

Offer enticing compensation such as bonuses, promotions, and time off as a reward. Your employee knows they are being appreciated, so they give it their all, and it is imperative that management does as well. This alone will increase productivity and loyalty.

Remember Kaizen: continuous improvement in small amounts could also be used to keep management from getting complacent. Your staff is a reflection of how you are doing as a manager. You can apply certain Six Sigma tools such as VOC (Voice of the Customer) towards your staff. Ask them what is important to them, and listen so they feel heard.

It will pay off in a loyal, hard-working staff that will make your business a success on many levels!

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