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Kaizen, Six Sigma and the Winning Team

The mystique of sports is universal. We also know that what makes a sports team successful is consistency and a truly united front. The individual team member must not only know what (role) position he plays, but also that of his teammates. We can see how much Six Sigma is made for sports; in fact we are willing to bet that most of the great coaches and teams use Six Sigma tools without realizing it. They use the Kaizen mindset of constant improvement. Now, let us see what we can find when we apply DMAIC methodology to sports.

Define: The goal of the process to be analyzed. It then needs to be specified who is involved and what exactly their roles are in this assessment for improvement.

Measure: Taking data from practices, statistics, videos and any pertinent tasks that offer data, the team begins to take on the task of getting a baseline for their variances. Variance will kill consistency, which is a fundamental strength of a winning team.

Analyze: After all the data has been collected, the team now has to analyze this data very carefully to find the exact place or places where things go awry and pinpoint those areas for specific improvements.

Improve: After finding the root cause of an issue/problem, now the team must brainstorm possible solutions until they find the right one. This process might take awhile and there is trial and error involved. Keep the mindset of reaching the goal of efficiency in this process.

Control: After the team finds the exact solution, now they must document the powers that be. The solutions are administered and improvements are implemented and assessed, to make sure that the team is playing at new and improved levels.

*To maintain a winning team, the Kaizen mindset of constant small improvements over the course of forever is imperative.

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