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Six Sigma Refresher: Benefits of Green Belt

It’s no surprise that Six Sigma certifications are a hot topic for employers and consulting firms alike. With any level of Six Sigma training, you enhance your knowledge and skill of quality specialization. Beginning in the 1980’s as a proactive methodology to prevent errors, increase efficiency, and control production waste, Six Sigma continues to evolve, finding relevance in new industries every year. While a basic understand of the practice will benefit your career, not all certifications are created equal. Like most training programs, Six Sigma has a natural hierarchy, beginning with White Belt, ascending to Master Black Belt. In this article, we will outline the key benefits you can expect to gain from achieving the fundamental certification, Green Belt.


If you achieve Six Sigma Green Belt certification, you will be qualified to work part-time as a team member alongside other CSSGB members or manage less complex projects as a project manager. Furthermore, your qualification makes you the “workhorse” of projects. This means you will work, hands-on with your team, completing tasks on the production floor as well as in the office with management.

Benefits of Six Sigma Green Belt Certification 

First, the most noticeable benefit to your career will be enhanced customer satisfaction. By implementing the Six Sigma methodology, you conduct operations in a more efficient manner. This, in return, creates a better product for your customers, at a faster rate.

Next, you will experience an overall better employee experience, at your employer or your own company. With Six Sigma certification, you will work more effectively as a team, manage projects with greater ease, and oversee process efficiency better than before. This in return provides better production and manufacturing results, boosting your employee satisfaction across the board.

Third, a solid understanding of the Six Sigma methodology under your Green Belt certification entitles you to a greater annual salary.  As of 2016, the national average salary for Green Belt employees exceeds $84,000. With more training and formal certification, you can expect to receive further salary growth.

Last, and often the most prospers benefit is that you will be qualified to offer Six Sigma training. As a CSSGB, you can train counterparts or clients of yours for their very own Six Sigma certification examination. At this point, most Green Belts take this opportunity to do one of two things. Either, they change positions with their current employers and become an official Six Sigma trainer for the company; or, start their own consulting firm, offering Six Sigma training to new clients in different industries. For most, becoming a full-time consultant or entrepreneur is the end goal! With this certification, you will be on the fast track to becoming your own boss.


While not all Six Sigma certifications are equal, each represents a certain level of understanding the methodology at hand. Whether you are just beginning your program or have risen the ranks to Master Black Belt, the knowledge you possess allows you to work smarter, more efficiently, and create value to any project.


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