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Using 5S as a Tool to Gain Buy-In

From years of Lean experience, we understand the importance of making an impact. Two things need to happen for your Lean program to be successful. Furthermore, your participants should relate to and support the concepts with which you’re dealing. They must also understand the many benefits of Lean principles. Similarly, gaining support can be a difficult business, but you can do it if you try. We recommend implementing Lean Six Sigma for a 5S event. As you may know, 5S usually stands for Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. These five terms will help you teach Lean methodology, focusing on concepts like eliminating waste in the workplace. Lean has so much to offer and can introduce your business to a world of process improvement ideas.

Equally, we find that the average employee is interested in the following questions: Can LSS benefit me? And how? Don’t delay. So start planning your 5S event today. This is the perfect opportunity to deliver sound Lean knowledge and help bolster support for your program. Read on to learn about using 5S as a tool for gaining buy-in.

Does Lean Six Sigma Really Work?

Initially, for any 5S event, team members will gather to take part in a training presentation to help them learn about Lean values. Ideas such as value stream mapping, work cell concepts, and the basics of 5S are all powerful subjects to explore. Use your industry experience to draw on for strong examples. Anecdotes, case studies, comparisons and role plays are all useful approaches. Moreover, explore the wider history of Lean, including its beginnings, how it has changed since its inception, as well as the future of Lean. But remember, your 5S event will not be a success if you can’t prove to the audience that Lean works.

How Does Lean Six Sigma Affect the Individual?

Don’t forget, Lean is much more than cleaning up processes. Lean advocates continuous improvement (Kaizen) to generate a self-sufficient company culture. Identifying waste is a key skill area in Lean principles. One that practitioners of Lean often use on a daily basis in their work. Moreover, Lean training should delve into all things waste if trainees are to get the most out of it. Furthermore, the same goes for your 5S event. Additionally, why not provide opportunities for practical training? Train your team in identifying waste and solving waste-related issues. The more active your trainees are for the duration of the event, the better they will understand how LSS will affect them.

Motivate to Innovate

Don’t let your 5S event go to waste (no pun intended). Make the most of it, inspire and empower your team to take Lean into their own hands. By thoroughly educating them on the importance of Lean, you’ll also motivate them to use it properly. Lean and continuous improvement aren’t just methodologies like Six Sigma. No, they are entire philosophies, ways of thinking that can transform your business and improve your work. Waste won’t give itself up of its own volition. That’s where Lean comes in. Lean gives your team the skills and power to make active decisions for the good of the workplace. Show them how.

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