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The Most Complete Six Sigma Green Belt Virtual Training Ever Taught

Most teachers instruct theoretically; in other words, real-world application isn’t a main focus, besides an example used to convey how a template or method would be used. At, our Green Belt Virtual Training classes are taught by authentic Black Belt Masters who have extensive real-world experience. That is what they do at their businesses or at the company where they are employed on a daily basis.


This is a rigorous six-day course that by the end, you would have truly earned your Green Belt Certification and then some. Just take a look at what you’ll get:

  • All course leaders are Master Black Belts with extensive project knowledge and real-world experience
  • Offers a practical approach to applying statistical analysis utilizing Minitab 18 software, considered to be the global standard in Six Sigma
  • Each week of class includes support and project consultation with a Master Black Belt

Six Sigma Green Belt Webinar Features

  • $2,650 Special Pricing for the Green Belt Webinar Includes Green Belt Project Certification.
  • Ability to purchase a discounted copy of Minitab 18 software.
  • Ability to sign up at a later date for the Black Belt online program.
  • Sign up for both now and save $1000 on the combined Green Belt Black Belt program (dates Must be sequential)’s Online Green Belt Webinar will be a six-day course taking place from Tuesday to Thursday for two separate weeks. Each day of training will be six hours long, including breaks. After completing this training, you can lead a qualified team on a Green Belt project.

When you are taught by the best, you become one of the elite. Our Black Belt Master instructors are the reason we have a high success rate among our students. Check out our virtual training classes and become one of our elite.


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