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Six Sigma is the Original “Green”

Every business should prioritize going green. Now with, going green is as easy as going online. For those companies making the decision, Six Sigma Green Process Management training is a must.

green six sigma

The benefits are numerous, from tax incentives and a clean environment, to job creation. This contributes to creating a healthy economy!

This is a complete on-demand course that you will be able to utilize from anywhere in the world. The course syllabus includes: 

  • History and legislation of Green
  • Terminology related to Green (Sustainability, GHG, Impacts)
  • Standards, Certifications related to Green
  • How we impact Green
  • Benefits of going Green
  • Where to start…use of Six Sigma Methodology as your process
  • Carbon credits, Sustainability, Recycling
  • Overview of measuring and reporting Green
  • Green jobs 
  • Environmental Management
  • Implementation of Green

Going green is synonymous with Six Sigma, since getting rid waste is the primary goal for both. This is a great way to bring your business into the future and at the same time form an alliance with Six Sigma. No prior experience necessary. The sooner you start, the soon your business will reap the benefits!

Go to and enroll in the online class and start right away.

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