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Six Sigma Black Belt Training: Get Online Now

With the existing pandemic and social distancing measures being of utmost importance, many have found themselves with some extra time on their hands. If this is you, what better time to get that Six Sigma Black Belt online training than now! That’s right, a real hero sees opportunity and quietly makes his move to make this a better world. Six Sigma is a data-based methodology that improves businesses by making them run more efficiently and effectively. As a Six Sigma Black Belt, you are the unsung heroes of the economy as it begins to come back.

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Our Black Belt online training allows you to complete modules at your pace, with one year to complete the material. One of our Master Black Belts provides a recorded lecture that accompanies a slide show presentation that includes the history, philosophies, techniques and tools of Lean and Six Sigma. Our program is designed for adult learners and uses  common language for a thorough understanding by those in attendance.

Unlike other online programs available, you have the ability to add project certification. This requires the completion of a live project and includes mentoring from one of our certified Master Black Belts with real world experience. Upon successful completion of the training and your required project, you will receive an internationally recognized Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

We have two versions to choose from…

$995 for the SigmaXL version, which focuses on the methodology of Six Sigma at the Black Belt level

$1495 for the Minitab software version, which teaches the methodology of Six Sigma, as well as the global standard statistical software used for project analysis.

You may add project certification for an additional $500, so you can receive an internationally recognized Black Belt certification which signifies that you are qualified to lead a team on Black Belt level projects.

The choice is yours, so don’t waste another minute! Register and be part of the solution to bring back our economy. For more information on our Six Sigma Online Training and services, please visit


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