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Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis Training Is the Mother of All Training

Think about it — to have a training system that is a template for finding the cause of an issue or problem in any industry or any organization is simply genius. Root cause analysis training should be taught in all schools! 

Mistakes or causes for mistakes is a universal problem; unfortunately when we as humans are confronted with a recurring problem or issue, it is because we are usually in the middle of the time crunch of the daily processes. The first thing we usually do is to put a bandaid on the issue so we can hurry up and finish. This action gets us through the day, which of course is the reason the problem is recurring. We might think we know why this problem is happening and recurring but you really don’t know. The problem might show up when you noticed it, but like the name states, it’s the root cause of that problem that you are after, and like it implies it will take some digging.

In our Root Cause Analysis training, you will:

  • Know what to do when problems occur
  • Define, validate and decide if the problem should be solved
  • Use a team approach and understand team dynamics
  • Take appropriate interim actions
  • Choose the most appropriate Root Cause Analysis methods for the situation
  • Determine and implement the best sustainable solution

Topics covered:

  • What Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is, why we need it and when to use it
  • Problem-Solving Process Flowchart (8D Roadmap)
  • Problems vs. Opportunities
  • Preventative Practices
  • Problem Detection & Specification
  • Problem Anatomy = |Should – Actual|*Risk
  • Causes to Determine
  • Cause Structures
  • Situation Appraisal
  • Known vs. Unknown Cause
  • Using Facts, Evidence & Assumptions
  • Interim Actions
  • Using a Team Approach
  • Risk Analysis Tools
  • Importance of Language
  • Cause-Effect Mapping Methods
  • Potential Cause Filters and Generators
  • Human Error
  • Choosing the Best Solution Profile
  • Solution Validation
  • Exercises & Case Studies

Once you know how it is done, you can apply this to anything you are having a recurring problem with, and wish to get to the bottom of what is actually causing the problem.

This is a live virtual class with an actual instructor you can interact with to answer your questions. This is a 3-day event — please go to our website to register for your preferred dates. For more information on this or our other Lean Six Sigma courses or services, please visit

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