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Our Future Depends on Green Process Management

If you’re a little “green” on Six Sigma green process management, then this is the course for you! Big companies such as IKEA, Honda, Dell, Coca-Cola and Home Depot are incorporating these sustainable processes within their companies. As a leader in your company, whether you’re a supervisor or the CEO, your skills will lead many. The benefits of going green are so numerous, but here are very important reasons as to why green is our future:

  • Economical: Going green helps lower the costs of manufacturing. By using renewable energy, this will lower your need for energy, thus when you lower the need you pay less and save money.
  • Saving our planet for future generations to enjoy. It is no secret that prior generations have done damage to our environment and planet, but we still have time to turn things around, and going green is the way. 
  • A reduction in waste and clutter and an increase in organization. This is regardless of where you go green, on a company level, or at home on a personal level.
Green Six Sigma can improve your business's carbon footprint and your chances of success!

Green Six Sigma can improve your business’s carbon footprint and your chances of success!

This important course includes, the following:

This online, on-demand Six Sigma Green Process Management training program will teach you what it means to be green, why green is important to your business and how to help your company establish, achieve and monitor “Green Goals.” Upon completion, this program will help you strengthen your organization by understanding, communicating and implementing the core concepts of Green Process Management. Designed for professionals with little or no prior experience with Green or Six Sigma methodologies, this course helps you to understand what Green is and why it is important.

  • Digital version of the same, complete Green Process Management Introduction program delivered to our live classroom attendees
  • On demand, 24/7 access for 60 days of access to this professionally narrated online training course
  • 60 days of access to the training manual in electronic format with the ability to print 2 copies for your own use.
  • Online comprehensive final exam.
  • Upon completion of the training and passing the comprehensive final exam, you will receive a certificate of training completion.

This is a win win course because going green benefits everyone — you, the planet, and future generations! For more information on our Lean Six Sigma courses and services please visit


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