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Lean Six Sigma Is One Happy Family

If Lean Six Sigma were to have DNA testing done to determine its genetics, the one gene that would be found in every single member of the Lean Six Sigma genetic pool would be the DMAIC gene. This would include A3 Process of Problem Solving, PDCA. In fact, even  adopted into the family, Kaizen would contain elements of the DMAIC. Furthermore, every Lean Six Sigma tool and template is designed to be used perfectly in each of the DMAIC phases.

Think of it like one huge box. You open it and there is another box, open that box and there is another box and so on. The boxes are all just boxes, the contents you put in them is what will define them. 

Whether the word you use is Define as in the Define phase of the DMAIC template, or the word Plan, as in the acronym PDCA which stands for Plan-Do-Check-Act, the information you put into that box will be of a specific nature, but with a slight variance. 

The reason is that every core of Lean Six Sigma’s existence is for perfection and systematic problem solving, so the DMAIC gene will be woven into all of its family members.

Do as You Would Do in Real Life

Let’s take the concept of the boxes we just used. In the Define phase, in the first box Define the problem. While still in the Define phase, in each smaller box define specific details but keep them in separate boxes under the same Define phase. This keeps things organized. In real life if you were to put a book in a box that you have labeled shoes, you won’t remember where your favorite book is. Think of this book as a loss of valuable information. By applying the DMAIC template correctly, problem solving will be much easier. 

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