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Green Six Sigma

If You Believe in Clean Air, Then You Believe in “Going Green”

What do the following Fortune 500 companies have in common?


Microsoft Corporation

Intel Corporation



Bank of America

Wells Fargo


Cisco Systems

American Express


And 60+ other companies?

They are all partners in “going green.” All of these companies, plus many others, have found that clean sources of electricity will help in climate change and is an important part of our future, but is also part of a sound business strategy.

green process management

Think about it — if there isn’t a future because our environment has succumbed to climate change, our businesses won’t have an inhabitable location.

Are you someone that is not sure about what it means to be “going green?” Do you need to know about green for business operations in contemporary society? No matter what kind of business you are involved in, whether it is the service industry or the industrial sector, you have to have a good comprehension of what green is and its associated environmental necessities, and how it plays a role within your company and the work you do.

The term “going green” has become a common catchphrase over the last few years, and now more than ever, numerous businesses are making the claim that their company is “green.” Whether or not this is actually true really depends on your understanding of what “green” truly means. Ironically, many people use the term “green” without a clue to its integral meaning. Only the small picture of this word is seen, not the larger one. 

Many people have various belief systems regarding climate change and impacts from businesses that produce toxins into the atmosphere (we are not only talking about your typical factory setting that is burning waste and emitting smoke from the tall chimney stack). 

The concept of “green” will be sticking around regardless of where your belief system lies. In modern day society, it is becoming more apparent that in order to stay successful, your company may have no alternative but to address this problem and the environmental issues that have made headline news.

Now is the perfect time for your business to “go green!” We have developed an online course for Green Process Management. For more information on this or our other courses and services, please visit

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