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Design For Six Sigma (DFSS): You Must Invest in the Future

Back in time, brake drums were used in just about every car. In fact, many small businesses that sold car parts back in the 1970s and 1980s saved money by buying used brake drums, repainting them, and turning them on a machine so they became like new. Then they resold them at half the price of a new rotor, and they worked just as good. 

dfss design for six sigma

Now, disc brakes have taken over, so even though some cars still use brake drums, there’s no doubt that some day in the near future they will be extinct. This example reflects the way businesses are constantly changing. Future customers are setting the trends, and new convenient products are being developed for them to purchase.

Stay close to your customers — they may suggest products or services that will fulfill their needs in the future. If the small car parts business had not only stayed close to trends in the automotive industry, but also listened to their customers, they would have been prepared for what the future held and designed a new product or service. Now with disc brakes, the old brake drum businesses probably went out of business. Had they been ready to pivot, they might have changed to a service-based business specializing in old cars or designer cars or whatever the market would support.

The Voice of Customer (VOC) tool is a priceless tool used by Six Sigma. For the business owner, it should be as important as paying your bills. Make it part of how you invest in the future of your company or business, so when a need for a new product that could help you pivot your business arrives, you’ll be ready.

DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) is one of the most important Six Sigma templates you will need to invest in the future of your business. The actual template is DMADV which stands for:

  •  Define
  •  Measure
  •  Analyze
  •  Design
  •  Verify

DFSS is used for completely redesigning a product or service, or creating a brand new product or service. Interested in learning more? For more information on our on-demand online classes or our virtual classroom training, please visit 


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