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Want to Learn a New Skill? Read This First

A brilliant aspect of the entire Six Sigma methodology is that one of its critical steps should add value to your business – getting rid of waste. Of course there is much more to Six Sigma, but the simplicity of adding value/getting rid of waste is brilliant.

Now let’s apply that to learning any new skill. There are three preliminary questions you should ask yourself, that will help eliminate waste when you take on learning a new skill.

1. How interested are you in this new skill?

If you are very interested learning this new skill, then it is never a waste. In fact, it would add value to your quality of life because of your interest level. A high interest level leads to inspiration and creativity by using this new skill.

2. Do you know your learning style?

If you’re a visual (spatial) learner, you prefer to use images/pictures relating to and understanding the space around.

If you’re an aural (auditory or musical) learner, you prefer using music or actual sounds when learning

If you’re a verbal (linguistic) learner, you enjoy the spoken or written word and you learn through this medium.

If you’re a physical (kinesthetic) learner, you prefer being interactive, meaning you want to actually perform the skill physically to learn it.

3. What is the goal of this new skill?

Are you learning for learning’s sake, or is this for a possible future application? Regardless, it is important to know why you want to take this on.

4. Do you have the time to spare?

This is very important, because it is the biggest reason as to why people quit the learning process of a new skill. If you can move your schedule around and make time, make sure this is done before and not after.  Not having the time and quitting is considered poor planning, and that is always wasteful.

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