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Voice of the Customer (VOC): Understanding Customer Complaints

When customer complaints are heard, everything gets better. In the world of Six Sigma this can be viewed as VOC, Voice of the Customer. This is gold because the customer isn’t mincing words; they are giving you valuable information.

One of the most important elements of Six Sigma is customer satisfaction, because without it, your business is not doing its job. Yes you heard that right, your business has a job and that is to keep the customers happy and coming back.

voc customer service complaints

Customer complaints, although hard to take, are to be thought of as the voice of the customer and are very important. VOC is to be heard and not ignored, since the customer is frequenting your establishment and spending his or her hard-earned money. They deserve the best your business can offer.

A few important points:

  • Listen to what the complaint is (what is the source of the issue?)
  • Get your Pareto Chart and determine the problems or causes in a process (Root Cause Analysis)
  • Next, get the DMAIC template: Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control

With the Pareto Chart and Root Cause Analysis, you will find out what is causing the issue. When you feel you have found the cause, now it is time to eliminate this issue. If the issue is not eliminated, then your customer will just eliminate himself or herself from your business!

Customer Loyalty

By taking the time to listen to VOC and then taking the time to fix the issue, you will encourage customer loyalty, because the customer feels that they have been heard and valued. Think about it: your customer picked your establishment to spend their money…don’t they deserve to be heard?  Customer loyalty is priceless.

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