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The Lean Six Sigma 5s Computer Clean-up Cure

The Lean Six Sigma 5S cure is a surefire way to keep your computer junk-free. Keep in mind that Lean Six Sigma has been around even before personal computers were in existence, yet Lean Six Sigma tools can be applied to keep our computers clutter-free.

Lean Six Sigma 5s Computer Cleanup

Here are some facts about our personal computers:

  • Files can get corrupted
  • Files duplicate numerous times over
  • Too many files can eliminate precious storage space on your computer
  • Useless files can also slow down your computer

Lean Six Sigma 5S Tool to the Rescue

Since we are dealing with the dreaded personal computer, we will adjust the verbiage when discussing the 5S tool. However, the actual methodology is the same.

  1. Sort: Look through your computer files and set up folders and label them. Then delete any files that you do not need, any duplicates or corrupt files. Also check your email and delete the ones not needed, and label the emails that are deemed important.
  2. Straighten: Organize your folders in such a way that everything is easy to find. For example, if you are a writer, have a folder labeled for separate assignments. Organize them by due date or business name, perhaps in alphabetical order, or maybe color code them. It is up to you, but get it done.
  3. Shine: Clean the exterior of your computer, remove fingerprints, smudges and any dust that could ruin the hardware. If any part of your computer needs repair, get it fixed.
  4. Standardize: Whether it is your own personal computer, or even if others use the computer, set up a maintenance chart. If everyone has their own profile that they are responsible for, each one should be maintained to avoid computer crashes.
  5. Sustain: Everyone that uses the computer, whether at work or home, should be responsible for maintaining it. The deletion of files should be done regularly. There is excellent cleaning software available that can scan your computer on a regular basis in order to keep it clean. Make it a daily habit after using your computer, and you will always have a clean and organized computer that runs smoothly.

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