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The Benefits of Six Sigma for Non-Profits

Six Sigma has a lot to offer when it comes to non-profits. If more non-profits would implement Six Sigma into their company culture, the organization would reap the benefits of the success. Unfortunately, there are obstacles that require a mindset of focused, goal-oriented success.

Since non-profits are missioned-based and not revenue-based, the culture isn’t necessarily a direct fit with the methodologies of Six Sigma. For the implementation of Six Sigma into a non-profit to be successful, complete commitment of both upper management as well as the entire organization is required.

This would require special training, as well as establishing a company culture that is structured so that Six Sigma can work its magic. Even though a non-profit is not revenue oriented, it can still benefit from a well-oiled machine running perfectly — meaning less waste and better use of resources, which would add up to more revenue the non-profit can use towards their mission.

It Takes Total Commitment, Especially From Upper Management

Upper management must be on board because it does take a monetary investment. The training is a truly short term inconvenience for the benefits that full Six Sigma implementation would benefit the non-profit’s mission.

A baseline assessment in every work process must be completed before any thing can begin. This baseline includes the focus of the audience or market that is being helped by the non-profit’s mission.

Much of the initial expenses will go towards training, consultations and facilitation of Six Sigma; this includes the salary of a Black Belt, and other potential Six Sigma pros that might be needed. Remember this is a short term inconvenience for long-term success.

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