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Six Sigma Could Save the World from Climate Change

Climate change is a hot topic these days; many are concerned with waste and the carbon footprint that we are leaving behind. One of the Six Sigma focuses is reducing waste and increasing efficiency so this would be a natural place for the powers that be to start.

Words like sustainability, the greenhouse effect, biofuels, carbon dioxide, and climate change adaptation and so on are not only changing the way we think but also our actions. For those of us who are optimists, the gloom and doom that we hear about in the media isn’t the solution. A  solution is usually found in the least thought of place, and in this case, it is Six Sigma methodologies.

First, let’s define the words we just outlined:

  • Sustainability: Is not harmful to the environment and supports long-term ecological balance.
  • The Greenhouse Effect: Atmospheric gases have a property that traps heat, holds it in, and throws it back into space at night. There are gases that have a greenhouse property, which can render the air we breathe unsafe.
  • Biofuels: Fuels derived from living matter such as agriculture.
  • Carbon Dioxide: There are certain gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect and this is one of them along, with methane, nitrous oxide, among others.
  • Climate Change Adaptation: Actions taken to help communities respond to global warming, that ultimately offset the effects of global warming.

How Six Sigma Can Help

Most of the business practices done by big companies contribute to waste and non-renewable energy. Six Sigma has helped many corporations improve their waste management and have greatly improved their production into making it more efficient. That result has been to produce a better product, using fewer resources that hurt our environment.  Less energy is needed for manufacturing, which leads to less carbon emissions.

Many companies and large corporations like IKEA have started to subscribe to being called sustainable. It is the wave of our future and Six Sigma.

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