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Six Sigma Can Aid Teachers in the Classroom

As we all know, teachers are very important — they can inspire and motivate our children to want to learn, which will give us the best chance for a healthy future. Yet many of our teachers are overwhelmed with a curriculum that they must teach to an uninterested class. The main reason for the disinterest is that subjects are taught without any gauge as to where the students are at in their knowledge.

Six Sigma has many great tools that can help with that. In fact, the tools are so easy that they can be used in such a way that it seems that like the class is playing a game. First, let’s fill in the DMAIC template in a very simplified matter.

Define and Measure the Issue: Students are disinterested in learning, they aren’t retaining what is taught to them. The goal is to boost interest in the classroom and have students get excited and motivated about learning. The measurement is shown on their test scores and overall classroom performance, which is very low.

Analyze and Improve: Look at the previously used teaching processes that the school considers the standard. What are the test scores at the end? Since we will assume they aren’t good, let’s see how using the VOC tool we can find out what the students deem as an interesting teaching style that would help them remember what is being taught.

Once the teacher gauges on how to motivate the class, try out the new and improved teaching process and see the results. Keep a line of communication open with the students and this alone will begin to motivate the class.

Control: Once the new teaching process is established, keep monitoring it and adjust as needed. Since teaching is fluid, it must keep its spontaneity. So the monitoring is to keep it spontaneous and interesting.

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