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Six Sigma

Six Sigma as the Voice of Reason

Organizations that do not subscribe to Six Sigma methodologies or the Six Sigma culture take a huge chance when implementing a “good” idea. This is because they don’t go through proper analysis and measurement for the data they need to take this “good” idea through to fruition. 

The management or those with clout decide that this “idea” will be successful, without any data to back up the decision. So they go ahead and implement the idea, perhaps in beta mode, to keep costs down and minimize risk. 

After the idea is implemented is when the success is weighed, and problems are addressed after they have affected the business in some unwanted way. An idea might sound good in theory, but until you have the data to back it up, you’re taking a risk with your established business.

Timing Is Everything

Problems must be identified, data must be collected, solutions must be brainstormed, and a carefully thought out plan must be obtained before implementation — and not after! This is why Six Sigma has tools such as statistical analysis and process mapping. These tools will aid in visualizing the issues and make it easier to come up with a solution.

By working to obtain the necessary data before you implement that idea, you will save yourself a great deal of time, money, and unnecessary stress.

Six Sigma tools are simple to use and reap huge benefits, even if you implemented them without first doing your due diligence. Some of these incredible tools are the 5 Whys, 5S, Value Stream Mapping, Regression Analysis, Pareto Chart, FMEA, and Kaizen.

When we say timing is everything, we are saying that prevention is better than a cure. Practicing due diligence is a small price to pay to increase the success of your business ideas.

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