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Legal Software Platform Promotes Lean Six Sigma Methodologies

Large corporations, regardless of the industry, have a team of lawyers protecting their assets as well as dealing with various legal obligations throughout the company. Some of these lawyers could be in-house dealing with more generalized aspects, and others could be outside law firms who deal with more specialized aspects depending on the corporation or company.
casesmart legal software six sigma

Introducing CaseSmart, which is a technology-based platform that was created when Scott Forman, a Littler Mendelson Law Firm shareholder, and their client Cabela’s got together to discuss Cabela’s desire for the future.

CaseSmart is based on Lean Six Sigma, and provides real-time updates and data-driven metrics to keep clients informed and help them make better decisions for the future. CaseSmart is basically the marriage between knowledge management and information technology, coming together with practicing attorneys in specific fields, and mapping out a specific path of processes.

CaseSmart is like having a Lean Six Sigma team inside software, delivering an efficient and effective workflow while reducing legal spending for the employers/clients.

CaseSmart Software

  • Management of Employment Process
  • Focused on efficiency and quality
  • Client dedicated teams
  • Real time updates
  • Data analytics to reduce risk
  • Data to reduce spending
  • Data to see fee predictability

This genius software is just another way that Six Sigma and Lean have made their way into the future. When your company is dealing with legal matters, you want the best possible people on your team, but at the same time you want to get the best value for your dollar. CaseSmart does this because they contract experienced attorneys who are certified in legal project management. These attorneys will track workflow and expenditures so the client can view it any time.

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