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Lean Six Sigma Tools: Perfect for Spring Cleaning

lean six sigma tools for spring cleaning

The Perfect Lean Six Sigma Tools

There are so many Lean Six Sigma Tools has available that transcend its original use. When you examine each individual tool, it opens up a new world of possibilities.

We all know that Six Sigma has a solution for every industrial malice — but did you know that you could actually use the same exact tools as an antidote to solve common household issues?

Most of us dislike (with a passion) cleaning and organizing our home, simply because we can’t decide what we need to keep or toss.

The 70% Rule

One of the Lean Six Sigma core principles is to avoid delays, as it costs companies up to 95% of their cycle time. Delays in making decisions is one of the main culprits, because delays in making a decision means delays in implementing them.

So the 70% rule is a great tool. Used by the Marine Corps, it basically says if you have 70% of the information, have analyzed 70% of the situation, and feel 70% confident, then you move.

The 70% rule has flexibility built in. Let’s face it, to know a situation 100% would take too long and takes out the element of flexibility. The genius might happen in that 30% left up to chance.

So a practical application to real life would be that using the 70% rule, why not apply it to cleaning out and organizing your garage?

The Five S’s

Now, the stroke of genius has hit and the next Lean Six Sigma tool to help you do an excellent job in the garage in record time is the 5S Tool.

Let’s break down the workplace organization method of the 5S Tool:

Sort- Keep only what can be utilized. Toss the rest.
Straighten- Everything in its place; a place for everything.
Shine- Clean work area and any machines that might occupy that area to uncover possible issues.
Standardize – Develop a working template to monitor congruity.
Sustain – Maintain a standard for sorting, straightening and shining.

Lean Six Sigma was created for the workplace, but for many of us that would be our very own home. Happy spring cleaning!

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