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Kaizen Cycle Use for Eliminating a Habit

Just about everyone needs to improve some aspect of their life. Most of us have a habit that wastes valuable time. So let’s see how using Kaizen’s cycle for continuous improvement can help us eliminate that awful habit so we can gain more productive time into our day. 


Since we are using Kaizen for personal use, we will customize the process so it makes sense. The main wording used will stay the same.

The Kaizen Cycle For Continuous Improvement

  • Get people involved. Since this is for eliminating a personal habit, get your family and friends or anyone that is in direct communication with you on a regular basis involved. They can become your support system, as they are a group of people whose opinions you respect.
  • Find problems. Using the group above, gather a list of problems that the habit you are trying to eliminate is causing. This group will make you see how widespread the habit you have is impacting people.
  • Create a solution. Ask your group of people that you have chosen to help you come up with creative solutions. Make a list of all solutions that your group has come up with. Pick a winner from this list.
  • Test the solution. After picking the winning solution, take small steps to test it out.
  • Analyze the results. This depends on the habit you are trying to break. Let’s say that you watch too much television. Measure and analyze at various times which times it is that you are in the most danger of relapsing, and at that point replace with the good habits.
  • Standardize the results. Do what works and have a backup plan for a good habit to replace the bad one.
  • Repeat. This list again if need be. This can be used  for a host of habits you want to eliminate.

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